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YMCA STEAM Workshops

YMCA will host a series of STEAM workshops from Monday, March 6th to Friday, March 10th. 
This week of activities will be open to the whole school. 

The YMCA after school staff will lead a series of workshops for the students to introduce them to STEAM. The purpose is to get students curious and excited about doing their own project for the fair. Students can use these activities as inspirations for their science posters as long as the activities fit under an appropriate category listed in Project Categories.  Worksheets will be provided to the students so they can record their activities and translate this information onto their posters.

Below are details of the activities; parents are welcome to join and check it out!


  1. Science: Scavenger hunt at the Golden Gate Park

  2. Technology: Reverse engineering for older grades and BeeBots for younger grades

  3. Engineering: Making natural dyes and modifying the colors by modifying pH

  4. Art: Flower prints, flower presses, and flower paints

  5. Math: Create and run a market to trade toys / cards 

How can the student participate?
  • Kids enrolled in the YMCA after school program (ASP) will be automatically taken for participation in these workshops.

  • Non-YMCA ASP kids are welcome. Please register by Thursday, 3/2/23 so YMCA can keep track of headcount for activities. An adult will need to accompany the child at all times. 

    Register here >>

For more questions, please contact Ms. Judy at

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